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Embark on a thrilling journey into the unknown with our paranormal investigation tips and techniques. Discover how to uncover the truth behind supernatural encounters and become a skilled investigator in the realm of the paranormal.
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MUST TO HAVE TOOL: Do you want to go on a real ghost hunting? Designed for professional paranormal investigators, the briidea ghost detector alerts surrounding magnetic field changes with alarms and flashing LED lights, is a must-have in your paranormal investigation toolkit ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC FIELD DETECTION SENSITIVITY: The briidea ghost hunting equipment have adjustable magnetic field detection sensitivity allowing instant response to energy fluctuations and disturbances, which you can…

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In April of 2018, we delivered a presentation to a group at a paranormal conference explaining some tips and tricks on how you can do some paranormal investigating while you are out and about traveling. We produced two videos of this presentation.We have given this presentation a few times at different events and seminars. We explain and give tips on how we travel with our equipment. What devices will not have issues with TSA, and how to do some investigating during day tours of historical

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