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Explore fun and easy paper people crafts that you can make at home. Get inspired and start creating your own unique characters with just a few simple materials.
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Adriana Kassner Cunningham
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Above are the backs of paper dolls cut from 1950's magazines so you get abstract patterns, text, photo's and recipes. This silhouette effect would be good to use for mood boards and source books either cut from printed papers or from fabrics backed with tape to prevent them from fraying. The paper dolls would also be a good source of templates, people collect images of them and you can google or flickr your way to great archives and modern fashion illustrators interpretations of this…

Lilia Gobaira
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Hat tip to Deb at An Unfinished Symphony (via RevGalBlog) for the heads up on a seventh grade social studies class in Highland Park, Illinois, that is undertaking a very creative project to help end the crisis in Darfur, where since February 2003 an on-going genocide has left as many as 400,000 killed and 3.5 million driven from their homes and living in the squalor of displaced persons camps. The students hope to collect 400,000 decorated paper dolls to send to Senator Barack Obama “in…

Erin Allen