Paper art sculpture

Explore the world of paper art sculpture and be amazed by the creativity and intricacy of these stunning creations. Get inspired to create your own unique paper sculptures and bring a touch of artistry to your space.
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From her studio in Lyon, Mlle Hipolyte scores, crimps, and fringes bits of paper that become sculptural interpretations of endangered species. She undertakes a rigorous research process that’s comparable to that of a botanist or zoologist before starting a piece and largely is concerned with the effects of the climate crisis on plants and animals. This realistic approach bases her practice in both preservation and celebration as she conveys the intricacies and natural beauty of coral reefs…

Sheri Izen
The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: Paper Relief Sculpture Middle School Art, Elementary Art, Art, Quilling, Art Education, Crafts, Art Projects, Paper Sculptures, Paper Art

Relief sculpture is an art form that is midway between painting and sculpture in the round. It is a process in which the subject stands out or projects a surface from the background. The surface can be several levels including high relief (deep or almost in the round) or low relief (shallow) or anywhere in between. To create their relief sculptures, seventh graders first learned about the difference between shape and form. A shape is two-dimensional (it has height and width) whereas a form…

Ica Ro