Paper airplane models

Take your paper airplane making skills to the next level with these inspiring ideas. Learn how to fold, design, and fly paper airplanes like a pro and amaze your friends and family.
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Easy Cardboard Model Airplane

Easy Cardboard Model Airplane: I have always enjoyed making little things out of cardboard.After being inspired by a video where someone made an RC plane from a pizza box, I found myself making detailed cardboard airplanes that can glide. This will be a semi in-depth look at how …

Boeing 777 Paper Plane Model | The Design Inspiration Smart Toys, Wood Toys Plans, Plane Design, Paper Airplane, Boeing 777, Paper Airplanes, Model Planes, Model Aircraft, Paper Plane

Boeing 777 Paper Plane Model - The Design Inspiration

San Francisco-based designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart built 1:60 scale Boeing 777 airplane made out of paper manilla folders. Inspired by his high school architecture class and his love of planes, Luca Iaconi-Stewart started constructing his complicated jetliner in 2008 when he was just a junior in high school.

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