Pair costumes

Get ready for Halloween with these creative and fun pair costumes. Find the perfect matching outfits that will make you the talk of the party. Start planning your duo costume now!
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If the idea of a homemade Halloween costume sounds like an overly ambitious Martha Stewart project, and the thought of a pre-made Halloween costume makes you scream unoriginal and overpriced…these semi-homemade Halloween costumes are your answer. Semi-homemade Halloween costumes start with items you have in your closet, and you purchase an inexpensive accessory like a wig, glasses

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For starters, Halloween is not a competition. Don't worry about 'winning' anything this Thursday night, just go out and have fun! We live in an age of endless lists and comparisons: best-ofs, top 10's, coolest, funniest, most creative... and Halloween has to take the prize for the most competitive holiday. Let's make Halloween fun again!

Victoria DelKiwi