Owl nesting dolls

Discover a collection of unique owl nesting dolls that will delight collectors and decorators alike. Explore the intricate details and craftsmanship of these adorable wooden dolls.
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READY TO SHIP ............................ If you love Owls and Handmade, then this nesting doll is made for you. You can add your personalisation to this beautiful set by making it more unique (you can see an example of personalisation in the photo). This is 5 piece hand crafted nesting doll set - Cute Owls. The largest doll is 13,5 cm tall and a width of 6,2 sm. Eco wood and non-toxic acrylic paints and varnish certified in the European Union are used in the manufacture. Owls doll will…

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Russian wooden Matryoshka. The height is 6,3 inches (16 cm). The toy consists of 5 dolls. This is a masterpiece of Russian art. Not factory production. Not a Chinese product. These are unique dolls. Authors wooden doll. Below the doll is the signature of the author. All this is handmade. Hand carved

Елена Танунина
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For collectors, the naturalists, the kids, and the free spirits; Nesting dolls make a great gift for anyone and each set of my nesting dolls are wood burned by hand and no two sets will ever be exactly alike. These 5 wood-burned Owls are inspired by the North American Saw-whet owl. It is a collectible or a toy that can be treasured for many years. They can be passed down, kept as keepsakes, and decorations. They're made of wood, hand drawn and wood burned with delicate patterns and small…