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A fragrant ube dough is marbled with a classic vanilla dough for a vibrant cookie that is unlike any other. For the ube flavour, I use a mix of ground ube (or purple yam) powder and ube extract, both can be found at Asian grocery stores or speciality kitchen stores. If you have never had ube before, it is a purple root vegetable with a nutty, vanilla-like flavour. I love it in all desserts but there's just something about a bright purple cookie that catches my attention.

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Bang Bang Sauce is a creamy, mayonnaise-based sauce that is spicy and slightly sweet, perfect for pairing with fried shrimp, chicken, or used as a dipping sauce. And, it is made with just four ingredients! I have used the homemade sauce with my popular Bang Bang Shrimp, chicken, and salmon, to name a few delicious ways!

Nicki Mack
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This Easy Hibachi Chicken Recipe is made with simple ingredients in under 30 minutes. Inspired by the dishes at American Japanese steakhouse restaurants, you'll also find the recipe for homemade yum yum sauce and hibachi noodles!

Raven Love