Next avengers

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of Next Avengers. Discover the next generation of Marvel heroes and their epic adventures. Join the action and witness the future unfold!
Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow. The Avengers have been defeated by Ultron, leaving it up to their kids to save the day. I didn't really like this movie all that much, but Hawkeye's kid was kind of cool. Even if his name was Francis. The Avengers, Next Avengers Heroes Of Tomorrow, Avengers Heroes Of Tomorrow, Next Avengers, Professor Xavier, 21st Century Fox, Marvel Animation, Marvel Stuff, Man Vs

Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow

The "Next Avengers" are brought together to avenge their parents death by the evil ULTRON a robotic Terminator/Darth Vader like character. With the help of the Iron Avengers, (robots whom resemble the dead Avengers) that Ironman has created, and the Teen Avengers, Tony Stark sets out to hunt down and defeat ULTRON.

Skylar Swantek