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Discover the art of needle tatting and unleash your creativity with intricate lace designs. Start your journey into this timeless craft and create stunning pieces that will impress everyone.

How to Tat a Flower for Beginners: Learning this process for the first time may take an hour to an hour and a half. With some practice, later flowers will probably take only half an hour or forty-five minutes to tat. Terms (each time one of these terms appears in the document, it is …

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I am goin on a trip soon and will be flying, so I can't take my Needles with me on the flight, so I am learning how to Shuttle Tat. I tried to do this YEARS ago and just could NOT wrap my head (or my hands) around this! Well, thanks to Needle Tatting and actually knowing what the knots are supposed to look like and thanks to the wonderful ladies over at InTatters, I have taken up Shuttle Tatting! Well, this is my absolute Very First piece of Shuttle Tatting! Got the Ring and Chain figured…


This was designed in March 3, 2020. I was still a tatting newbie at that time, but wanted to make something practical with tatting. So, I came up the idea to tat something on the paperclip, as well…

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You will need patience to master this needle tatting technique. Unlike shuttle tatting and traditional needle tatting, the tool does not hold a supply of thread with which to work. Instead, Japanese needle tatting functions more like crochet in that it draws continually from the ball of thread. - Japanese Needle Tatting - Tatting at BellaOnline

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