National railway museum

Immerse yourself in the rich history of railways at the National Railway Museum. Discover iconic locomotives, interactive exhibits, and fascinating stories that will transport you back in time.
The loco at the rear is No 91101 and in the ' Flying Scotsman' branded livery. Description from I searched for this on Zug, Steam Trains Uk, Locomotive, Live Steam Locomotive, Flying Scotsman, Rail Transport, Old Steam Train, Old Trains, British Rail

LNER Class 4-6-2 A3 Pacific steam locomotive No. 60103 'Flying Scotsman' on display on the turntable at the National Railway Museum at York, UK, on 28th May 2011. Shown here on the turntable and on public display for three days the loco is painted in wartime black for a short period before being introduced to the mainline once again. Numbered on one cabside with historical numbers 103 and on the other as 502 as it is numbered on the buffer. The best shot I could get today given the huge…

Tom Couch
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This Loco is STUNNING. Its presence and beauty are beyond words. No picture or video footage does justice to seeing this Beautiful machine there in front of you - and you can touch it, see it, feel it and marvel at its utter splendour. Its a Credit to all who have worked on her. Im so privileged to have seen it - and if you visit the Railway Museum you will too - A MUST SEE !

Denny Griffin