Naruto and sasuke kiss

Relive the iconic Naruto and Sasuke kiss moments that will leave you speechless. Discover the passionate bond between these beloved characters and experience the emotions like never before.
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Description Ladies and Gentleman, may i have your attention peleaaaaseeeee xP ♪ Part 2 -> [link] part.4-->[link] spanish. version ->[link] xD sorry here I bring part 3 .. of thousand, don't know when i'll finish with this roleplay xD I was inspired last night .. Well, yesterday last night and I could draw it quickly xD obviously these are all quick drawings without detail xD enjoy x3 eme desu...

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Naruto And Sasuke Kiss, Saske Uchiha, Sasuke Naruto, Naruto Y Sasuke, Naruto Vs Sasuke, Sasuke X Naruto, Naruto Comic, Naruto Ship, Naruto Shippuden Sasuke

Once again, the title says it all! I'll be posting all that good shit in here so you just sit back and enjoy! If you found this book at random so you haven't looked at my other one, then go do that! Because it's good!! So have fun! Go go go!! (And the pictures aren't mine...duh! It's pretty obvious!) Edit: HEY! Sooooo, Wattpad went ham on this book and I ended up having to delete (so far) like 20 chapters cause otherwise they just kept sending messages to tell me to fix them which they then…

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