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Discover a variety of fun and engaging name activities that will help your kids learn and practice their names. From crafts to games, these activities will make learning names enjoyable for children of all ages.
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This year for preschool we are part of a co-op preschool group. I put together name recognition activities for all the kids in the preschool. Here are the activities. Name sticks To make this activity. I got paint stick stirrers and used Mod Podge to glue the letters of the child's name on to the stick. Then used mounting tape to stick the letters onto the clothespins. Your child matches up the letters to spell their name. Name Block Matching This can be made in any word document or you…

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These FREE editable name mats provide hands-on name practice for preschool and kindergarten. Help little ones learn to write their names while having fun!

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Names are special. Especially to little ones. It was probably the first thing they recognized when they were a baby. They want to know everything they can about their name. But why are name activities so important when introducing letters? Check out this fun, interactive name activity that my kids love! The Benefits of a Name

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