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This is a blog about eveything that inspires me. Pictures of what causes me to express myself through fashion everyday. There is a lot of black, a lot of beautiful girls, freckles, ripped pants, long hair, exposed bras and flawless skin. There are some really high heels and some red lips, chains everywhere, leather jackets and a dream of a Chanel handbag. It's about dark eyes and bedroom hair like you don't care and about studs and chiffon all mixed into a lovely blend of all things…

Ally Kemp
This Jewelry Brand Combines Illustration And Cute Animals To Create The Ultimate Rings For Animal Lovers (26 Pics) 2d, Cute Bat, Paw Ring, Cat Ring, Matching Rings, Cute, Bat Ring, Animal Jewelry, Owl Ring

Orion Jewelry brand had launched a super cute cosmic animals jewelry ring series inspired by their OC animal characters. The Animals Come from the constellation of Orion and each has its own unique characteristics and set of elements that distinguish them. Little is yet known about them or the universe that they come from or where they originated from but one thing is certain; they.

Athena Zeusson