Music lessons

Explore the world of music lessons and unlock your musical potential. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, find the perfect music lessons to enhance your skills and passion.
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Fun Games & Activities for Music Class

Looking for engaging, musical games to play with your students? Here are a few of my favorite games and activities for elementary music classes, children's choirs, and elementary group classes.

Cacy Alexander
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One-Off Music Lessons That Don't Waste Time

We've all been there: one class is ahead of the rest of the grade level, it's the last day before a vacation, you're stressed/ tired/ sick and can't think straight to teach a regular lesson, it's a weird schedule day and the kids are spinning in circles, there's a last-minute change and you can't do the lesson you had planned... Whatever the reason, we all have days when we need to step out of our regularly-scheduled sequenced curriculum and do something different for one class period. Sure…

Leesa Barber
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My Best Movement Activities for 4 and 5 Grade Music - Becca's Music Room

Movement lessons your fourth and fifth grade music students will want to do. These are simple & easy lessons for elementary music class.

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