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This article is about the character. For the 2002-2007 animated TV series of the same name, see Kim Possible. Kim Possible is the titular protagonist of Disney's 2002-2007 animated TV series of the same name. Kim is a high school student and freelance troubleshooter. She is unusual in this field of work due to the fact that she doesn't use a secret identity. Kim is the eldest child and only daughter of Dr. James & Dr. Ann Possible, the older sister of Jim & Tim Possible, and the best friend…

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Alice is the main protagonist from Disney's 1951 film Alice in Wonderland and the book that the film was adapted from.Alice is a beautiful young girl living in what is assumed to be the Victorian era.Alice in Wonderland is the thirteenth animated feature film produced by Walt Disney in the Disney animated feature canon Disney Characters, Disney, Disney Cartoons, Disney Animation, Disney Princess, Cartoon Characters, Disney Princess Cosplay, Disney Alice, Disney Pictures

This article is about the 1951 animated character. For the 2010 live-action character, see Alice Kingsleigh. Alice is the titular protagonist of Disney's 1951 animated feature film Alice in Wonderland. She is a young girl who uses her surreal imagination to escape her mundane life. Alice's curiosity and yearn for something new leads her to a mysterious realm known as Wonderland. As she traverses through the wacky world, Alice finds herself appreciating the normality that she once rejected…

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Tinker Bell, also nicknamed Tink or Miss Bell, is a Tinker-talent (also called pots-and-pans-talent) fairy and the main protagonist of the Tinker Bell movie series from 1 to 5. Tinker Bell is present in all medias from both Disney Fairies and Tinker Bell franchises. Her first appearance outside the Disney Fairies franchise was in Peter & Wendy (1904). In Tinker Bell (film), Tinker Bell began her life when a baby laughed for the first time on a winter's night. The laugh was carried on a…

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Scooby-Doo fans are ecstatic that Velma is finally being outright portrayed as a lesbian: "I never thought I'd live to see the day when Velma is very clearly having gay thoughts on-screen."

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