Mosaic madness

Discover the beauty of mosaic art with these inspiring ideas. Transform your home with unique mosaic designs and add a touch of vibrancy and elegance to any space.
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Are you working on a mosaic project? Maybe you are wondering how you make it waterproof. We've researched the techniques and materials you can use to waterproof mosaics. By using the proper sealant, you can make any mosaic piece waterproof. Typical grout sealants used for mosaic pieces include penetrating, membrane-forming, and concrete types. Apply several […]

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Mosaic mural with matching pink velvet heart chairs - SICIS The decor panache of SICIS : Since its beginning in Ravenna in 1986, SICIS has been on a mission to merge the art of the ancients in the craft of mosaics, with modern industrial techniques. Incorporating SICIS’s diverse glass mosaic collections, which include transparent, iridescent, mirrored, and textured materials, it has flourished to become a premier mosaic innovator. Flamboyant, exuberant and fearless in the implementation of…