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Morocco has become one of the hottest destinations in the last two years and I can see why! Morocco is gorgeous and full of beautiful doors, tiles, hotels, shopping, food, people. I can literally go on forever. It's literally an Instagrammer's dream to visit. My dreams finally came true a few weeks ago with the Morocco

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{:en}Although my vacation was a bit shorter, I chose to make a 10-day Morocco itinerary because I think this should be the minimum number of days you need{:}{:es}Un itinerario de 10 dias ruta por Marruecos debería ser el número mínimo de días que necesitas para visitar el país.{:}

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My March Morocco trip came about when Dylan, a friend from college, suggested we take a trip with some leftover vacation days he had. As we combed through flights out of Dylan’s local JFK airport we noticed that roundtrip tickets to Casablanca, Morocco were as affordable as most other international flights. We were immediately intrigued.

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If you’re planning a trip to Morocco, I’m sure you’ve daydreamed of its many colorful walls, ornate doors, aromatic spices, and busy markets chock-full of dreamy décor. You probably have bookmarked a few Instagrammable spots you want to check out, and maybe you’ve gone so far as to sketch out your desired itinerary. But there’s ... Read more

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