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Explore the phases and movements of the moon with a moon chart. Learn more about the lunar cycle and enhance your knowledge of the night sky with this helpful tool.
Lunar Abundance® shows you HOW to work with the rhythms of the moon to create an abundant life. By setting intentions, and tuning into lunar ebbs and flows, you can connect with your work, your relationships, your body and your surroundings in a very feminine way — relaxing and BEING more — while cultivating more joy, peace and flow in your life! Chakras, Wicca, Mindfulness, Meditation, Astrology, Moon Phases, Lunar Cycle, Moon Cycles, Lunar

Free Downloadable Moon Chart The opposite of all those hyper-masculine productivity methods, the Lunar Abundance practice is about progressing gracefully and effectively -- whilst enjoying your feminine flow. The below chart gives the basics of the Lunar Abundance practice: Download Free PDF When you download this moon chart, you'll also receive a three day email mini-series to

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About this item Moon Calendar 2024 poster/chart Moon Calendar Poster Size: 16" x 36.5". Made in USA. Silver moons on dark blue background. Accurately keyed to date and day of the week. Full and New Moons shown in Universal Time (usable around the world) Includes MoonWatcher guide for eclipses, blue moons, supermoons, apogee, perigee, etc.

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