Molecular Gastronomy

Discover the fascinating world of molecular gastronomy and explore innovative techniques and ideas to elevate your culinary skills. Unleash your creativity and amaze your guests with unique dishes.
Dessert, Fruit Juice, Jell O, Chocolate Syrup, Molecular Food, Caviar, Gelatin, Agua De Coco, Cranberry Juice

Spherification is a cool technique that kids can use to transform liquids (Hot sauce! Cranberry juice!) into solid, edible spheres. Channel your inner chef and turn almost any liquid into squishy, flavorful spheres, from fruit juice to hot sauce to chocolate syrup and more. To make our edible spheres, we rely on the power of gelatin, which also gives desserts, such as Jell-O and panna cotta, their solid, slightly jiggly textures. When gelatin is hot, it’s a liquid, and when it’s cold, it’s a…


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