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Bittersweet Vogue: Romy Schneider & Alain Delon Old Fashioned Love, Vintage Couples, Romy Schneider, Alain Delon, Foto Vintage, Photo Couple, Old Love, Happy Relationships, Foto Pose

Romy Schneider & Alain Delon

They met on the set of "Christine" (1958), felt in love and she moved with him to Paris. Schneider became engaged to Delon in 1959. They never got married though, they were always delaying it. Delon broke up with her in 1964, breaking her heart. They continued starring in films together, like La Piscine (The Swimming Pool) (1968). Alain placed a piece of paper with the following words on her tomb: "Tu n'as jamais été aussi belle, tu vois j'ai appris quelques mots allemands pour toi: Ich…

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