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Today's quilts include all the quilts I saw in the RMQM exhibit made from patterns by Willyne Hammerstein. Probably the most "famous" pattern of hers is La Passacaglia, which include all the quilts shown here except the second one. A couple of these ladies said this was their first attempt at English Paper Piecing. I'm not sure they could've picked a more difficult pattern! I have this book and the "papers" and have yet to start it. Some of the pieces are very tiny! I love all of these…

Pam Wheatley
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Shirley Mooney, of Don't Wait to Create blog, and I gave our Millefiori Quilts presentation to Capital Quilters, Wellington, NZ on Saturday. There were about 100 people there, and they were very interested in the Millefiori Quilts books, and the la passacaglia pattern that we are both making. Many people came and had a close look at our rosettes during the afternoon tea break. That's me, talking about my quilts We had a prepared a Powerpoint presentation showing how we select our fabrics…

Shona Davies
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Now that I'm nearly done, and with over a year of experience working on my own La Passacaglia quilt, I'm here with some tips just in case you want to tackle this project yourself. First, you need the book Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein. It was published by Quilt Mania and is not widely available in the US (not available on; I got my copy at Even if you know how to do English paper piecing, you will need the diagrams in the book because this quilt goes…

Karianna Segarra
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This page is all about my la passacaglia quilt. Some very kind bloggers helped me out when I was considering making this quilt, so I'm putting some details here in case other people are interested in how I made my quilt. my finished quilt - 68" x 77" (173 cm x 196 cm) Jan 2016 before hand quilting I started my la passacaglia on 1 January 2015, with these fabrics. I wanted my quilt to look like the piece of Kaffe Fassett's Millefiori fabric in the photo below (top right). I think it's…