Marcel Duchamp

Discover the groundbreaking works and artistic philosophy of Marcel Duchamp, a pioneer of conceptual art. Explore his thought-provoking creations and delve into the mind of this influential artist.
Julian Wasser - Marcel Duchamp with his bicycle wheel, 1963 | Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Dali City, Marcel Duchamp Bicycle Wheel, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Duchamp Art, Georges Braque, Marcel, Magritte

Marcel Duchamp with his bicycle wheel, 1963 Silver Gelatin Print Edition size: 15 Available sizes: 16 x 20 inches 20 x 24 inches 30 x 40 inches 40 x 60 inches Artist Bio: After starting his career at the age of 14 as a copy boy in the Washington bureau of the Associated Press news service, Julian Wasser went on to create some of the most memorable images of the past century. While at the Associated Press he met Weegee and rode with famous news photographer as he shot photos of crime scenes…

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