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Paz Vizsla was a fun one to design, especially knowing it was going to be voiced by Jon Favreau very early on. Doug Chiang gave me a fair amount of freedom with this design, with the direction being as simple as he's a walking tank, a brute with a heavy repeater weapon. It was a joy to see him fully realized on screen by the talents at Legacy FX, faithfully translated from these concepts.

Mike Rathbun
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Hondo Karr was a Human male Mandalorian who served next to Mand'alor Chernan Ordo in the Battle of Botajef. During the battle he was betrayed and, in order to survive and expose the traitor, put on the armor of a stormtrooper and was conscripted into the Joker Squad, a unit in the Army of the Fel Empire. Ten years later, during the Second Imperial Civil War, Karr deserted the new Empire at the Battle of Borosk and found his way into the Galactic Alliance Remnant's famed Rogue Squadron, where…

Rafael Troper

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