Malus domestica

Discover a variety of mouth-watering apple recipes to make with Malus Domestica. From pies to cider, explore different ways to enjoy this versatile fruit.
Wild Apple Tree (Malus Domestica) by elstro_88, via Flickr Cambridge, Malus Domestica, Apple Trees, Wild Apple, The Suburbs, Apple Tree, The Fruit, Flora And Fauna, Apples

Wild Apple Tree (Malus Domestica)

Rural Cambridgeshire is littered with wild apple trees, even the city of Cambridge has plenty for the taking in the suburbs (that arent in people's gardens!) This one looks a little similar to Golden Delicious and the fruit is slightly sweet but bland. Probably better for cooking. Nearby Bottisham has loads on the roadside and with far superior eating apples on them! I think it's insane how much people spend on apples from the supermarkets when at this time of year, England has loads to…

N Davey