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Explore innovative lumber mill ideas and techniques to enhance your woodworking projects. Discover the best tips and tricks to maximize your lumber mill efficiency and create stunning woodwork.
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Saw mill. 1911. Name of Expedition: Huron H. Smith Expedition to Oregon Participants: Huron H. Smith Expedition Start Date: 1910 Expedition End Date: 1911 Purpose or Aims: Collecting Botany specimens, taking portraits of trees Location: Oregon, U.S.A., North America Original material: 5x7 glass negative Digital Identifier: CSB34411 Learn more about The Field Museum's Library Photo Archives.

William McLaughlin
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The Abandoned Sawmill is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V. The abandoned sawmill, officially known as the Paleto Forest Sawmill, is located in the Paleto Forest. The sawmill has been abandoned by the workers, meaning it is now littered with unused lumber. During the day, weed is manufactured by the Ballas gang. During the night, it is sold in deals. The sawmill appears quite derelict as it is covered in rust. It is clear that the conveyor belts located around the mill have not…

Midnight Requiem