Lazy daisy stitch

Discover unique and beautiful ways to incorporate the lazy daisy stitch into your embroidery projects. Get inspired to create stunning floral designs with this versatile stitch.
A video tutorial for stitching a Lazy Daisy embroidery stitch. This stitch is perfect for stitching teardrop shapes, including petals and leaves. Diy, Crewel Embroidery, Inspiration, Embroidery Designs, Machine Embroidery Thread, Beginning Embroidery, Crewel Embroidery Tutorial, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Machine Embroidery

Today I'll show you how to stitch a lazy daisy - perfect for making teardrop shapes. Of course they make terrific daisies - like in this robot pattern. I also used a single lazy daisy stitch for the glowing red light at the tip of his antenna. :-) I also used lots of them in

Anna Hanks
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What is the lazy daisy stitch and how do I use it? The lazy daisy stitch is a series of single, or detached, chain stitches formed around a center...

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