King arthur

Dive into the mythical world of King Arthur and Camelot. Discover the captivating stories of bravery, chivalry, and magic, and uncover the legends that have inspired generations.
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There’s a saying, “In the Middle Ages, women were trying to keep the balance between the pedestal and the sewage ditch.” On the one hand, women, even the most noble ones, were not always considered to be full-fledged people, but on the other hand, they were respected and loved. Many people are sure that the women that lived in the Middle Ages had lives similar to those that house plants have, but this is not entirely true. Women hunted, fought, and wrote poems and medical texts.

Kristen Holden
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These were my submissions for the latest challenge on ArtStation. I'm so glad I participated, I feel like this one really sharpened my edges! My time lapse for the Sword in the Stone is together here: I used photo plates to extract some perspective data and details as a first-time experiment. I discovered this challenge while finishing up a commission project for a creature design based in Arthurian Legend so it seemed to be calling to me, but I knew I had to…