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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Johannes Vermeer, a master of light and perspective. Explore his iconic paintings and uncover the secrets behind his timeless masterpieces.
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Jan Vermeer (Johannes Vermeer), Delft 1632 - 1675 Brieflesendes Mädchen am offenen Fenster / Girl Reading a Letter at an open Window (1657) Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden Acquired in 1724 by August III, elector of Saxony, together with a number of other paintings bought in Paris. The seller threw in the picture as a present, to sweeten the deal. It was then attributed to Rembrandt, and the ascription was subsequently weakened to "manner" or "school of." In 1783, it was engraved as a…

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8 Painters Who Had a Very Real Effect on Today’s Photography (And Some of the Photographers They Influenced) Portrait, Willem De Kooning, Hieronymus Bosch, Vermeer Paintings, Johannes Vermeer, Dutch Artists, Great Artists, Famous Artists, Johannes

The artist must train not only his eye, but also his soul. Wassily Kandinsky Everything we see hides another thing; we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. René Magritte The relationship between painting and photography has extended the possibilities of image creation. When photography appeared on the scene, it was supposed to herald the democratization of portraiture (among other genres, like landscapes and still-lifes). Photography gave painting the freedom it needed to burst…

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Jan Vermeer, Briefschreiberin und Dienstmagd (Lady Writing a Letter, with her Maid) DetailJan Vermeer (Johannes Vermeer), Delft 1632 - 1675Briefschreiberin und Dienstmagd / Lady Writing a Letter, with her Maid, Detail (um 1670)The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Jan Vermeer (Johannes Vermeer), Delft 1632 - 1675 Briefschreiberin und Dienstmagd / Lady Writing a Letter, with her Maid, Detail (um 1670) The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin Considered one of the principal Dutch painters, Johannes Vermeer specialised in genre scenes, particular those depicting women in domestic settings. Vermeer’s work displays an unprecedented level of artistic mastery in its illusion of reality. His figures are often quiet and inactive, which contributes to the solemn…