Jehovah witness

Learn about the beliefs and practices of Jehovah Witnesses and gain a deeper understanding of their faith. Discover the key principles that guide Jehovah Witnesses and explore their unique approach to spirituality.
I Grew Up In A Congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses. Here's What It Was Really Like.

I had just landed in my home county of San Luis Obispo, California, after adisorganized, hysterical flight from my new home of New York City. My fatherhad passed away unexpectedly ― right before visiting me in New York for thefirst time ― and I was inconsolable.My then-girlfriend, now-wife Brenna and I were staying at my sister's house ―which was filled all the next day with friends and relations: men in crewcuts, women in long skirts. I was in my band-guy uniform of a black ...

Laura Mendez