Japanese woodworking projects

Unleash your creativity with these Japanese woodworking projects. Learn the traditional techniques and build unique pieces for your home. Start your DIY journey today!
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How to Make Asanoha Kumiko - Japanese Woodworking: Japanese woodworking is mostly done with softwood and kumiko is no exception. Here I’m using basswood which is a great starting point to learn kumiko. Its soft fibers and forgiving nature allow you to work it quite easily and hide those unforeseen m…

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Watch a Traditional Japanese Carpenter Make 190+ Different Joints, All Without Nails, Screws, or Glue | Open Culture Woodworking Projects, Woodworking Joints, Woodworking Joinery, Wood Joints, Woodworking Projects Unique, Woodworking Designs, Woodworking Furniture, Wood Joining, Woodworking Hardware

Before the internet, it would have been hard to imagine that people around the world would one day be unable to get enough of traditional Japanese carpentry, and specifically traditional Japanese joinery.

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DIY: Milling Kumiko Strips With Power Tools: One of the most frequent questions I get asked about kumiko is how I make the strips that make up the patterns. I think people see it as a ton of tedious work, so I wanted to share my process. I make my strips using common power tools: a jointer, a …

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