Instagram vs real life

Discover the reality behind the perfect Instagram shots. Explore how real life differs from the picture-perfect world of social media and embrace your true self.

Most of us know by now that social media is a realm of polished lives. Scrolling through Instagram, one might feel that everyone's living an ideal life, having perfect bodies, and not facing any difficulties whatsoever. However, we should keep in mind that all we see there is just a tiny percent of what their life is all about and Vienna Doll is here to prove that!

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Sometimes, it’s easy for us to forget that social media isn’t the same as reality. But it’s incredibly important to remember that what we see on our screens can often be an altered, upgraded, and airbrushed version of what’s really out there. If we realize it’s partly an illusion, we won’t feel so bad when we compare our lives to those of seemingly ‘perfect’ Instagram influencers. However, some people take photo editing several steps too far.

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Instagram has long been hailed as a hub of inspiration, captivating us with stunning visuals and aspirational lifestyles. However, it’s time to unveil the hidden truth lurking beneath the glossy facade. The line between reality and fabrication blurs, perpetuating unattainable ideals that leave us feeling inadequate, envious, and discontented. But fear not, for there are...

Lilly Winchester
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The 'Instagram vs. Reality' battle continues, and blogger Sara Puhto is back to fight for the latter. She continues sharing side-by-side pics that reveal how much a certain angle or sucking in your belly can change the way you look in an Instagram photo. Sometimes the difference in her uploads is so striking, it's hard to believe they’re the same girl.

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