Inkle loom

Discover the art of inkle loom weaving and create beautiful and intricate patterns. Get inspired by these unique and creative ideas to start your own weaving project today.
Pink and navy decorative band being woven on an inkle loom. Crafts, Loom Patterns, Tela, Hand Woven Textiles, Weaving Patterns, Woven Belt, Tapestry Loom, Hand Loom, Woven

INTRODUCTIONHow many looms is too many? As an owner of a rigid heddle loom, a floor loom, bookmark looms, square frame looms, an 8 shaft table loom, a tapestry loom and circular frame looms I can now add an inkle loom to the growing list of treasured looms that I enjoy weaving on. My first floor loom purchase was made about 6 years ago and on collecting the second hand loom the previous owner was incredibly kind in giving me several books. One of the books was called 'Inkle Weaving' by…

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Inkle loom weaving is so fun, easy to learn and affordable to begin. If you've been thinking about starting to weave on an inkle loom, I strongly encourage you to have a go. Inkle looms are simple devices that won't take up much space and won't break the bank either. If you're an absolute beginner

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