Indoor planters

Enhance your indoor space with stunning indoor planter ideas. Discover how to incorporate plants into your home decor and create a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere.
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The serene look of the Gobi collection of planters is inspired by the gently rolling landscape of desert dunes. These round pots with their elegant curves are specially designed for use in outdoor spaces as they are made from 100% recyclable polyethylene. Each of the five models in the collection has its own distinct personality. This is the Gobi 3 planter, with a diameter of 31 in and a height of 17 in. Gobi 3 is a great option for plants with large leaves, such as Swiss cheese plants, but…

Erwin Thai
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Maybe you’re thinking of adding more plant babies to your home—today is, after all, the first day of spring, and plants certainly bring a bit of life and color to wherever you put them. If you’re anything like me, then the bigger the plant, the better, right? But finding a planter to house something with leaves the size of dinner plates can get pricey fast. But don’t let that stand in the way of securing your dream fiddle leaf fig tree.

Caitlin Bell
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There’s no easier way to bring some life into your home than to add in some beautiful greenery! And let’s face it, we could all use a little touch of nature in our homes right now as we’re stuck inside. Since we’re already mourning the loss of our social lives, we don’t need to add […]

Steph Luv