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Discover the process of identity development and gain insights into understanding yourself better. Explore top ideas and strategies to foster personal growth and self-discovery.
Core Existential Wounds: Identity Development

Core Relational Wounds:Initital Impact on Self-Concept and Identity, Secondary Impact on Relational Development “Core Wounds” occurring through developmental stages of growth, impact our self-concept and identity; while simultaneously impacting our attachment bonds, belief systems, understanding of the world, and our relation to the world and relationships as whole. These core wounds, which lie at the epicenter of uncomfortable, overwhelming or traumatic experiences, influence “needs”…

Laura Banks
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The scientific consensus is that race has no biological basis – that we are all one race, the human race. Racialized identity, however, is very real. And, in a racialized society, everyone is assigned a racial identity whether you are aware of it or not. Let’s broaden our awareness.

Aggeliki Koulianou
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Some illustrations play the role of entertaining, others are created to inspire, and there are some powerful images who deliver a strong message and are thought-provoking. This is the case with award-winning conceptual illustrator Stephan Schmitz based in Zürich, Switzerland who creates clever and unique artworks that perfectly depict the modern world.

Derya Durmaz