How to teach montessori at home

Discover proven strategies and practical advice for successfully implementing Montessori education in your home. Create a stimulating environment and foster independence in your child with these top ideas.
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Don't fall for gorgeous looks! Beauty is within. In its essence, the Montessori method is really not that at all. It is about meaningful connection, respect and authenticity. However, since Montessori is all about hands-on experiences, how do we go about creating a Montessori environment at home with hands-on materials when the budget is tight? Gabrielle of Plenty of Trays shares her wisdom and great tips to help families make Montessori more affordable on a budget.

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We had our first Parent Education Workshop of the year last week. We talked about things that can be done at home to support what the children are doing at school. All of our tips and suggestions center around helping the child become more independent. Here are some examples of ways parents can organize their […]

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These are unprecedented times for all of us, and as educators we are feeling the weight of how to support our students and parents at home during the quarantine. We know that parents are also now feeling anxious by this surprise quarantine and time juggling working at home and homeschooling your chi

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Montessori is growing in popularity. Every day, the parenting websites, mommy YouTube channels, and Instagram influencers are re-discovering this 100-year-old educational approach. And it’s great they are. The Montessori method, although old, has a lot to say to modern parents. What is Montessori? The Montessori method is an educational approach developed by Italian physician Maria … What is Montessori? 7 Principles of the Montessori Method Read More »

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30 Montessori Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers, Practical Life skills, Montessori Preschool, Montessori at home, Montessori toddler ideas & more

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A Well Written Montessori Lesson Plan Goes A Long Way To write a great Montessori lesson plan, a teacher must consider both the educational standards and the abilities of the student. The purpose of a well-written lesson plan is two-fold. The first. is to assist the teacher in lesson preparation.…

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