How to start knitting

Learn how to start knitting and unleash your creativity with this beginner's guide. Discover the joy of making personalized gifts and cozy accessories with your own hands.
Learn How to CAST ON Knitting in this Beginner Knitting Series. Learn from video tutorial and a photo guide. Start casting on in no time! #sheepandstitch #knitting #knit #caston How To Cast On Knitting For Beginners, Casting On Knitting Easy, Cast On Knitting Tutorials, Knitting Casting On, Knitting How To Cast On, Cast Off Knitting How To, Knitting Cast On Methods Tutorials, How To Knit For Beginners Cast On, How To Knit Cast On

In this post, I’ll show you how to cast on for beginners. There are many ways to cast on knitting, but this is my favourite. It’s the long tail cast on using the thumb method, which is great for absolute beginner knitters. The long tail cast on is the best all-purpose cast on: it’s stretchy, […]

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