How to do animation

Learn how to do animation like a pro with these expert tips. Discover the techniques and tools you need to bring your ideas to life and create captivating animations.
Animation for Beginners: How to Animate a Head Turn by Pilar Newton Flipaclip Animation Tutorial, Head Turn Animation Reference, How To Animate On Flipaclip, Flipaclip Animation Tips, Turn Around Animation, Arc Animation, Frame By Frame Animation Reference, Animation Frame By Frame, Animation Flipbook

Today we are going to learn how to animate a character turning his head. You'll find that you will be animating head turns a lot when you do character animation. A head turn is challenging to...

How To Do Smear Frames Animation, Animation Smear Frames, Hair Animation Reference, Smear Animation Tutorial, Animation Frames Reference, Smear Frames Reference, 2d Animation Reference, Impact Frame Animation, Tips For Animation

Here's my own personal tip for using smears in animation; try not to overshoot the smear beyond the frames it is inbetween. It can give it an unsightly, wobbly and unrefined appearance. Try keep the smear within the frames it is inbetween to help it look smooth. #animation

Patricia Rodriguez