How to create a magic system

Learn how to create a captivating and unique magic system for your story. Unlock the secrets to designing spells, defining rules, and crafting a world of wonder.
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Are you writing a brilliant fantasy but want to leave that extra punch when it comes to developing your magic system? After all, nobody wants to reread the same type of magic in every novel! As a fantasy writer who struggled with developing my magic system, making it understandable, engaging, and important to the plot, I can help you there!1. Why?Do you need a magic system? Every story is different. If your characters are living in a magical society or have special powers, you will most…

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The most important thing I’ve learned as a fantasy writer is to create a magic system for your fictional world that makes sense and is unique In today’s post, I’m sharing some questions you can ask yourself about creating a magic system for your fantasy world to help inspire your creative writing.

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