House keys

Discover unique and stylish house key designs that will add a touch of personality to your everyday life. Find the perfect key that matches your style and makes a statement.
Cute idea: framed key to first officially owned home or condo! It'll be years for that to happen but some day we won't have to move every 4 years

This weekend, a few us took a ride to visit our friend Melissa for some girl time. It was a great day/night with lots of baby talk, relaxing, and me flipping over what Melissa has done with her new house that she and her husband recently built. I came home with an urge to: a) get my house as spic and span as Melissa's, b) try my hand at making my own headboard (will share more on this later in the week), and c) share these pictures with you! Today I'm sharing her foyer: I love this idea of…

Nicolle Towne