Horse chestnut

Learn how to plant and care for horse chestnut trees to add beauty to your garden. Discover tips and tricks for nurturing these majestic trees and creating a stunning landscape.
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Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut is not only a beautiful tree, but also a medicinal herb that has been used for treating various ailments for hundreds of years. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of horse chestnut, its traditional uses, mechanisms of action, and much more.

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Aesculus 'Horse Chestnut'

Aesculus hippocastanum The Horse-Chestnut is a large domed, deciduous tree that is popular in the parklands of Europe and is also fairly common in the cooler areas of Australia. The leaves are large and palmately compound, while the creamy white flowers have a pink spot. They make excellent summer shade trees and are a handsome addition to larger spaces where you can appreciate their outline and attractive foliage which turns russet brown in early autumn, making a wonderful autumnal sight…

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