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Design and personalize your own homemade planner with these creative ideas and inspiration. Stay organized and motivated with a planner that is uniquely yours.
My definition of a bullet journal is basically a “Homemade Planner”. For the official bullet journal instructions, you can check out the original website here. I became obsessed with this idea when my paper planners continued to disappoint me! Many of them didn’t have enough space in the daily pages, they were too bulky, and they didn’t have enough empty… Read the rest Bullet Journal Banners, Homemade Planner, Journal Designs, Bullet Journal Page, Journal Organization, Weekly Layout, Bullet Journal Printables, Living Photo, Organized Mom

To have the best bullet journal, you simply need to make it specific to your personal needs. I searched the internet for the best bullet journal spreads. Each one is unique. For me, I wanted to do a round up of the pages that I have in mine, and that I use often. I hope these bullet journal ideas help you create your own awesome bullet journal pages.

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If/when I move into a bigger notebook, I like this DIY layout. Diy Notebook Planner Layout, Homemade Planner Notebooks, Homemade Planner Ideas, Composition Notebook Planner Layout, Diy Daily Planner Notebook Ideas, Notebook Planner Ideas Layout, Happy Planner Daily Layout, Diy Planner Notebook Layout Ideas, Diy Daily Planner Notebook

So, as you all probably know by now, I am OBSESSED with planners. I also really, really enjoy trying out new systems of planning and staying organized. As of right now, I'm using two planners: my beloved Filofax and my DIY planner. Right now, in my Filofax, I'm using these DIYfish inserts (although mine are obviously August, as it isn't September yet). Next month, I'll be doing a review on those, so stay tuned for that. Today, I'll be talking about my DIY planner. My planner is inspired by…

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I really depend on staying organized, I blog, I teach, I make art, I sell products, I am a busy mom and I am juggle lots of projects. As much as I love all the pretty planners out there, I really enjoy creating my own simple handmade calendar/planner for the year. My personal planning process is all about keeping lists. This means my planner consists of a monthly calendar and lots of pages for lists- a to do list for each day, a to do list for the week, a list for blogging, a list for class…

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Ideas for DIY accessories for Arc notebooks and planners Diy A5 Planner Inserts, Arc Notebook Ideas, How To Make Tabs In A Notebook, Tul Planner Ideas, Tul Notebook Ideas, Disc Binding, Dividers Ideas, Homemade Planner, Disc Notebook

A few weeks ago I shared my homemade planner pages that I’m printing and putting in my Arc notebook. I’ve been working on getting my planner all set up for the coming year and I think this type of disc bound system is going to work great. Yes, I’m excited to give it a try!...

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