Homemade cold remedies

Discover natural homemade cold remedies that can provide quick relief from symptoms. Try these easy and effective remedies to alleviate congestion and boost your immune system.
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NOTE: This article is about how to make an easy decongestant that really works! It’s a super simple recipe that uses common kitchen spices to fight congestion, stuffy noses, post nasal drip, and may ease difficult breathing by supporting the lungs. You can get rid of a stuffy nose and congestion nat

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Looking for a simple natural cough syrup? This diy homemade elderberry syrup recipe is easy, healthy and the best natural remedy for cold, cough, flu and sore throat! You can make it with fresh berries, dried berries or even frozen berries. It’s all natural and delicious making it great for kids! Learn about the health benefits and how to use elderberries in tea, jam or even elderberry gummies. Best natural immunity booster!

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'Tis the season to make homemade fire cider! A shot glass of this a day is a great defense against colds and flu. Not only an immune tonic, homemade fire cider also stimulates digestion, helps moves circulation throughout the body and acts as a decongestant and expectorant!

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