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Uncover the captivating world of history education and discover innovative teaching methods, engaging resources, and inspiring lesson plans. Get inspired to bring history to life in your classroom.
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History Board Games for your homeschool or classroom to engage hands-on learners, review history facts, and make history come alive for your kids and students! #educationalboardgames #homeschool #education

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I randomly came up with this idea during the last week of school. One of my reading groups had finished their book and project before any of the other groups had finished. Instead of giving them a new book (there was only one week left), I quickly created this template and told them to pick an event in history and research it. I had one boy choose the Vikings, someone else chose the atomic bomb, a girl wanted the great depression, and another student picked the Korean war. I loved that…

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Below is a collection of some of what think are the best mobile apps for teaching world history. The apps cover different topics from history maps to timelines of world historical events. We have also included a quiz app to test students general knowledge in history. We arranged the apps int two main categories: iPad apps and Android apps. Via John Evans, Monica S Mcfeeters

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Update your Social Studies classroom decor cheaply and easily with fun and useful decor. Make your classroom fun and inviting for students.

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We want kids to learn about the world - even if they're stuck at home right now. At Deliberate Travel Kids we make activity workbooks for children, focused on travel and different cultures. Each workbook is based on a different country and is filled with puzzles and research activities to entertain and educate them. Perfect for kids aged 6-10 and the parents trying to distract them!

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Here is a collection of some great iPad apps we compiled specifically for history teachers. We have based our selection on World History collection in iTunes App Store and have also added some of our favourite titles from this category. We forget to hyperlink the visual but you can easily access apps pages by simply typing in the name of the app in Google search or any other search engine you use. This visual is also available in PDF format from this page.

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