Hiit workouts for beginners

Get started with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts designed specifically for beginners. Burn calories, build strength, and improve endurance with these beginner-friendly HIIT exercises.
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No joke, these are the best 20 minute HIIT workouts for weight loss that I have come across! If you're short on time, check out these 20 min home workouts for weight loss that I tried and tested myself. You will find 8 quick hiit workouts for fat burning which are beginner friendly, but also some more challenging ones. These are great as they are no equipment full body HIIT exercises, so your whole body gets a good workout!

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Whether your goal is to improve your overall health or to lose weight, adding 2-3 HIIT workouts to your weekly workout schedule can make a huge difference for your endurance and strength. High-intensity interval training is very challenging but brings great results (enhanced fat loss and improved cardiovascular health). If you’re a beginner and struggling […]

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