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Fitnex - Fitness Mobile App UI Kit — UI Kits on UI8 Design, Fitness, Apps, Layout, Ui Kit, App Design, App Ui, App Design Inspiration, Ux App Design

Fitnex is a Fitness App UI Kit that is designed using Figma, a popular design tool. It includes features like reusable components, auto-layout, text and color styles, and well-organized layers to help designers create user interfaces more efficiently. the Fitness app UI kit comes with 40+ screens, components, and icons, providing designers with a comprehensive set of elements to create an appealing and functional mobile app. the fitness app can be a helpful resource for designing a workout…

Sindhu Thangam
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Hello, Everyone Today I would like to share my fitness tracking mobile app UI design. This app helps users monitor and manage their physical activity, health metrics, and wellness goals. It typically includes tracking workouts, counting steps, monitoring heart rate, providing nutrition information, and setting fitness goals. Hope you guys will love it and feel free to give me some feedback. Thanks!