Hard candy molds

Discover a wide selection of hard candy molds to make delicious and unique sweets. Get inspired to create your own homemade candies with these top ideas.
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These luxurious Candy Jewels are surprisingly simple to prepare. With a few basic ingredients, a candy thermometer, and gem molds, you'll be cranking out perfect hard candies in no time at all! Fudge, Snacks, Desserts, Hard Candy Molds, Candy Molds, Candy Thermometer, Candy Making, Sugar Candy, Hard Candy Recipes

Under-filling the wells in the gem molds produces more realistic looking gems that are easier to remove once hardened. Soak the sauce pan, candy thermometer, spatula, and measuring cup with hot water as quickly as you can after you finish working to dissolve the remaining syrup. A single recipe makes about 6 dozen small candies of one color (fewer if you combine them to make "complete" jewels). Adapted from Martha Stewart.

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