Grinding flour at home

Discover the joy of grinding flour at home with these simple and delicious recipes. Learn how to make your own fresh and nutritious flour for all your baking needs.
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Home Grain Milling 101: Baking With Fresh-Ground Flour #AskWardee 099

Baking with fresh-ground flour and baking with store-bought flour ARE NOT the same! Watch, listen, or read to learn my tips and tricks for getting the light and fluffy baked goods using home-milled flour and traditional preparation methods, when to sift, baking with sprouted flour, and the best home grain mill to use for great results!

Dezra Campbell
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How To Make Flour Using A Grain Mill - The Organic Goat Lady

Would you like to know how to make flour using a grain mill? Would you like to use freshly ground flour to make your baked goods?! Are you looking for an easy way to create the most flavorful and fresh breads and desserts? Would you like to preserve the nutrients in your grains?

HippieDee Creations
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Where to Buy Grains in Bulk - My Favorite Sources

I've been grinding my own flour and stocking grains in bulk for almost 10 years now and am sharing my favorite sources with you in this post. A homesteader prides themselves on having a well-stocked pantry and when you're making almost all your items from scratch and grinding your own flour, you need to know where to buy grains in bulk and which ones are the most versatile.

Angie Gambrel