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"The face and soul of man, the drama of life, the impressions of nature, its life and meaning, the spirit of history—these are our themes," wrote Repin, who was celebrated as a master even during his own lifetime. His works reflect Russian art’s main ideological and formal aspirations in the second half of the 19th century.

Fernando Montejo
LARGE YOUNG WOMAN Girl Smelling Roses Flowers Oil Painting Real Canvas Art Print - $24.99. High Resolution Giclee Art Print on 100% Real,High Quality Woven Canvas Size: 11" x 17" Condition: Brand New Young Woman Smelling Roses Print Every print is placed in a cellophane sleeve and a cardboard mailer for protection and shipped to you promptly. 323126348647 Art, Artists, Gustav Klimt, Old Art, Famous Art Paintings, Classical Art, Famous Art, Classic Paintings, Fine Art

Large Oil Painting - Young Woman Knitting and Reading - Ornate Gold Frame. A large oil on canvas realistic painting of a young woman knitting and reading. A large oil on canvas realistic painting of a young woman knitting and reading. This beautiful painting is well complemented by the high quality ornate gold frame with a linen liner. Painting is 20x24 inches with overall dimensions including the frame being 27.5x31.5 inches. It is signed by the artist. Shipping to lower 48 US states…

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It's a great feeling once you finish a painting which you have long worked on and you are satisfied with the result. But your work does not finish there. There are a number of tasks which I recommend you do once you finish a painting. These tasks may not provide any immediate benefit, but let me assure

Connie Stacy
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The Zorn palette refers to a palette of colors attributed to the great Swedish artist Anders Zorn (18 February 1860 - 22 August 1920). It consists of just 4 colors yellow ochre, ivory black, vermilion, and titanium white. Cadmium red light is commonly used in place of vermilion by modern-day artists. Whilst this may seem like

Jeannette Hackman