Godly Wife

Discover the qualities of a godly wife that can strengthen your marriage and bring joy to your relationship. Learn how to cultivate a loving and respectful partnership with your spouse.
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God is a loving father. Before your time for marriage comes, He will prepare you to be a godly wife. The preparation to become a godly wife comes in different forms but there are basic steps that God will take you through. Once you start going through the steps, know that your time to get ... Read more

Irina Borteychuk
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SAVE THIS PIN FOR LATER! Marriage advice… for wives? I smile as I reflect on almost 18 years of marriage. Since this is a site authored by a Christian counselor, you would think I would write marriage advice from the perspective of therapist. But no. Today I’m going to write from personal experience. Let’s get…

Lorie Wright
5 Habits I Formed When I Was Single That Prepared Me to be a Wife - Phylicia Masonheimer Relationship Tips, Godly Woman, Godly Wife, Marriage Advice, Strong Relationship, Before Marriage, Preparing For Marriage, Marriage Tips, Dating

Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be married. There's a picture of me at six years old, sitting on my mom's cedar chest with a napkin on my head, in a white dress, holding a bouquet of fake flowers in two chubby hands. I always wanted to be a bride! But since most women marry in their mid- to late twenties, and I had plenty of time on my hands. After an epiphany at age 21, I realized I wanted to be married - but was woefully unprepared. I commissioned myself to develop habits that…

Hannah Lindsey

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