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Orange is the happiest color. Frank Sinatra One of the many things I've enjoyed when working in the Rainbow Glue book is that it has given me the opportunity to [really] look at each color in the rainbow, one by one, and enjoy them individually. Each one speaks to me and has different meaning, but

shelly duriez
Bluebird Paperie: A Glue Book of Collaged Scraps Pos, Journal, Holder, Pot Holders

Hi there. Can you tell by my title that I don't know what to call my little project? ;) Warning: I am about to ramble (I believe in the UK it's "waffle.") There is more glued collage scrap art at the end. Scroll down now if you wish. Now back to the full-length program..... Do you have one of these? Or maybe even one of these little miniature ones? Yep, me too. In fact, I have, ummmmm, several. So I got myself one of these on Etsy: It's a grand little vintage train case, complete with satin…

Jane Gurley
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I have found a super fun glue book project that is just too good to keep to myself! I am sharing my inspirations today – and a video tutorial so that you can get started too! En masse is French and means “in a group; all together” or “in a body : as a whole”; here a collection of many similar images in one place. So an En Masse Glue Book is all about “a lot of images on one theme collected together in a notebook”, to put it simply. And it really isn’t anymore complicated than that. En masse…